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Five ways to get more from your website investment

Written by Andrew Larkin

Return on investment is something we strive hard to achieve for all our website clients.

Far too often are people charged for designs without a single thought given to how the client will get a return on their website investment.

So here are five ways you can start to get an instant return on your website investment without even breaking a sweat.

Add business credibility

Anyone who is anyone in business is a member of something.  So why not use your website to demonstrate what groups, organisations or charities you support.  At the very least it adds credibility to your business.

Help people spread the word

Sharethis or Addthis are two free services which allow you to put share button on your website.  So this means visitors (or employees/colleagues/friends/family) can easily click the buttons and tell their friends about your website.

Building a marketing database

Sign up to MailChimp (which is completely free) and create a mailing list.  You can then add a mailing list sign up form to your website and MailChimp will store the contacts for you.

Create or simply buy a product you can giveaway via your website in exchange for someone's email address.  

The idea is to give something of value which costs you next to nothing and you can use this to build a database of potential customers to market to. 

Gathering customer feedback

Simply add a new page to your website, create a free form using Google documents and then add this form to the page. Then use it to collect customer feedback which goes straight into a Google spreadsheet.  

As part of handling new customers you can simply include a link to this page in an email asking for some feedback.

Generate referrals

Similar to gathering customer feedback you can create a form to gather the contact details of potential new customers based on a referral from an existing customer.

Simply send an email to your existing customers asking them if they know anyone who could benefit from your services and include a link to the referral form.  You might want to consider giving your customers and incentive before or after they have provided a referral.

Event better...ask for the referral at the same time as the feedback.  You will probably find new customers are much more receptive to your email requests.


MailChimp - this is my affiliate link to MailChimp sign up so if you do not want to use this simply go to MailChimp.com.

ShareThis or AddThis - both do pretty much the same thing.

Google forms - need a Google account for this but well worth the effort considering what Google provide for free.

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