A cocktail of articles for teaching and advising non-technical people on how to get the most out of their business website/blog/social networking/email marketing.

All the vitamins and minerals required to make your business website a success!

There is no such thing as SEO

If you want your website to succeed all you have to do is one thing - take it seriouslyread on

Five ways to get more from your website investment

Return on investment is something we strive hard to achieve for all our website clients. read on

SEO Tips: Page Titles

Simple tips and examples of how to improve your website seo. read on

How old is your website...in Google's eyes?

Another little tool you can use to tell when Google last checked your website... read on

Who is linking to you?

It is very interesting to see what websites are linking to yours...and it is easy to find out with our simple tool. read on

Bournemouth Bay 10K for Charity

On Sunday 1st of April Danielle and I (along with Danielle's husband Alex) all took part in the Bournemouth Bay 10k Run for charity. read on

Did you know about the Employer's Checklist?

Did you know the average unfair dismissal claim can cost your business £8,924? read on

Microsoft OfficeLive is ending!

If your website is on Microsoft Office Live then you have until April 30th to move it before the Office Live system is discontinued. read on

Is your business website legal?

Take a quick look to see if your business website ticks all the legal boxes. read on

What is a link?

Incoming and outgoing links can be double Dutch to some people, but they are vital to your website. read on

Did you know about Relevant Life Trusts?

Did you know Relevant Life Trusts allow life assurance for directors to be tax deductible and pay out tax free? read on

First time on the radio

I recently appeared on the business show for Bournemouth based community radio station Hope FM...find out how it went. read on


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