A cocktail of articles for teaching and advising non-technical people on how to get the most out of their business website/blog/social networking/email marketing.

All the vitamins and minerals required to make your business website a success!

What is website content?

Introduction to the importance of content for your business website.   read on

What is website support?

Let's talk about the basics of website support and how it is often undervalued by business owners.  read on

Top of the pops is back

If by 'top of the pops' you mean top of Google and by 'back' you mean is more important than ever then the subject of this email is not really misleading...is it? read on

How often should I blog about my business?

Everyday!  Seriously.  If you cannot think of something to say about your business everyday then don't blog. read on

What happens when you don't create goals?

Do you have goals for your business?  They might written down somewhere.  They might just be in your head. read on

Why marketing people should NOT manage websites

If you think of your website as a marketing tool then I am afraid it is already doomed to fail! read on


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