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The legal-side of emails

Written by Andrew Larkin

Now legal stuff can be a bit boring but let's be honest if it covers your a**e then it's all good!

At WebPurity we deal with sole traders, limited companies and non-profit organisations and as you might expect the law differs in certain areas depending on the typeof business you have. But when it comes to the world of the web there are certain things ALL businesses must adhere to.

With regards to emails I read a recent article specifically for limited companies or limited liability partnerships. Now I will bet most of you did not know this but there are certain bits of information you must include, by law, in ALL business communications and this includes emails.

- Registered name of the company
- Company registered number
- Company registered office address
- The part of the UK your company is registered (i.e. England and Wales)

Now you would not think twice to include this on a letter - you may even go so far as to have this on your website...but an email?

Here is a little snippet of how this might appear in your email signature - feel free to copy and use this:

Andrew Larkin
WebPurity Limited

WebPurity Limited Bristol & West House, Post Office Road, Bournemouth BH1 1BL.
WebPurity Limited is registered in England and Wales with registration number: 5332207. VAT registration number: 855708495.

Reference: Are your email sign-offs breaking the law? by Suzanne Dibble.
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