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There is no such thing as SEO

Written by Andrew Larkin

If you want your website to succeed all you have to do is one thing - take it seriously.

There are no magical techniques to getting to page one on search engines, in fact I would go as far as to say [Caution: brave statement coming] you could get to page one with sweat and determination alone without the need for any optimisation at all.

Do you think the BBC or Wikipedia have a team of SEO ninjas working around the clock to ensure all their pages are optimised?  Of course they don't...and this is because they take their website (and more importantly) their content seriously. 

Google's job is to return the websites which are most relevant to the search terms we put into it - and they do have a team of SEO ninjas working around the clock :)  So they will see through any attempts to jump the queue.

If you want your website to succeed then you have to think beyond the static brochure type site which so many people feel is enough to get by in business today.  You have to think about what information your potential customers want to read/view and share - and make sure your website provides the vehicle to publish this information.

Please note:  This is not meant to detract from all the good honest people who work as SEO consultants - as I would hope most of them would agree to some extent with what I am saying here.  There is still a huge market for this type of work  - as the average business owner may not have the skills or the time to ensure their website is set up correctly or indeed is managed correctly to make the most of what people are searching for.

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