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Top of the pops is back

Top of the pops is back

Written by Andrew Larkin

If by 'top of the pops' you mean top of Google and by 'back' you mean is more important than ever then the subject of this email is not really misleading...is it?

It is a fact: Most people only click on the top 3 search results from Google (or any other search engine). So if your website is number 4 (or below) you are missing out on a lot of potential business. As Google makes most of its revenue from advertising (which is becoming increasingly prominent) - being top of the pops is as important as it has ever been.

What does this actually mean to business owners?
Forget search engine optimisation. Really? Did I just say that? There are not enough spaces left to go around - so unless you can be top you are going to be left fighting over the scraps.

So what are the other options?

1. Social networks.
LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc are still severely under-used by business owners. Get social and make your product or service social. You may even find a social network dedicated to your potential customers - have you looked?

2. Growth marketing.
It's not new, in fact most of it is common sense, but it can make the difference. Build business growth into your product/service so that every new customer leads to at least one more new customer.

3. Search engine optimisation.
It can still be effective but be selective (and specific) about the search terms you target. If you operate locally then I can guarantee there are search terms you can exploit which your competitors have missed.
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