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What are website conversions?

What are website conversions?

Written by Andrew Larkin

In this article I'm going to talk about the basics of website conversions in a way which business owners can relate to.  

Furthermore I will discuss the problem that comes with not understanding website conversions, the impact that can have on your business and my solution to the problem.

So what are website conversions? 

It is the act or action of converting someone from a visitor to your website into the lead or customer. 

In order to do that the visitor has to take an action which could be buying or downloading a product, completing a contact form or requesting a quote or a call-back. The action converts them from being a visitor to your website into a lead or customer.

It is very much up to your website design or layout to make this happen. There is a whole industry based around "conversion marketing" but as a business owner you don't need to be an expert, you just need to get the basics right.

No calls to action?  No business!

The problem that comes with not understanding website conversions is you are unaware of needing these "calls to action" on your website is that you end up with a worthless website. If there are no "calls to action" there will be no website conversions. There will be no business.

There are so many websites out there with contact details and nothing else. It is like having a shop without a checkout! You are actually preventing people, who may want to buy your product or service, from doing so. I have encountered many business owners who say "I don't want my website to be too salesy" , "My business isn't about pushing for sales and I don't want my website to push for sales".

I would then ask. Why are you in business in the first place if it's not to sell? I would also go as far as to say you need to have these actions in order to help visitors by your product or service. People can come websites who
do want buy, and are ready to buy, but can't find a way buying a product or service because the website stops them! It doesn't have these clear calls to action.

Websites are not advertising

The impact that then has is that business owners themselves disengage from websites completely. They see websites as a waste of time, a waste of money. I would argue that many business owners treat their websites the same as traditional advertising. 

You cannot apply the advertising mentality to your website. If you do you apply an advertising mentality to your website then it's no wonder your website is ineffective in the same was as advertising nowadays is pretty much ineffective.

Start by getting the basics right

My advice to business owners is to get the basics right!

Have two calls to action which are easily visible on your website:
- Primary call to action for people who want to buy now.
- Secondary call to action for people who may want to buy from you in the future.

A primary call to action could be request a quote or callback. Secondary call to action you could make a brochure available for someone to download or have them sign up to receive some email information.

Once you have these calls to action on your website you will see more conversions! You will start to see business come through your website.

If not, you now have the basics right. You can then start to get it could get creative and build on those basics and find more innovative ways to make those calls to action work for your business, in your industry.
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