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What happens when you don't create goals?

What happens when you don't create goals?

Written by Andrew Larkin

Do you have goals for your business?  They might written down somewhere.  They might just be in your head.

They might be written down, printed out, laminated and on the wall next your desk!


The fact you have goals provides you with two very important things:

1.  A target.  Something to measure your business against - or a basis on which you can build.

2.  Direction.  Somewhere you want to go that's different from where you are today.


So what happens when you don't create goals?

You will never score!  You won't get any shots on target, and you will be shooting in different directions.


When I first started my business I fell into the same trap most start-ups do.  I networked, I met prospects and I tried to be everything to everyone.  I was so keen to get clients and grow my business I would take on anything and everything.


Coffee here, lunch there - talk of opportunities to partner, refer, collaborate and probably 80% of them came to nothing.


Had I set myself a goal from the start about where I want my business to be.  Then it would have been much easier for me to determine the REAL opportunities worth pursuing.


Same goes for your business website


Taking things to the next level.  If you have high-level business goals, maybe even personal goals, then why not have goals for your website?  Why not have goals for your business marketing in general.


"I want to have 500 regular visitors to my website a month within the next 12 months"

"I want to have 750 fans on Facebook"

"I want to increase my LinkedIn connections by 25% in the next 6 months"


Now here is the most important part.  You don't have to reach the goal!  Don't get hung up on scoring. 


Simply consider a goal, take the time to think about it, write it down and then consider how you might reach it.  I challenge you to do this.  Set aside 5 minutes and give it a go:


1.  Think of a goal

2.  Write it down  "I want to .... in the next X months"

3.  Think about what you would need to do to reach the goal


Remember:  The simple act of creating a goal gives you a much better chance of scoring.

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