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What is website content?

What is website content?

Written by Andrew Larkin

Introduction to the importance of content for your business website. 

The problem which can happen when content is undervalued by business owners, the solution to this problem as well as the business benefits.

So what is website content?
It is ALL of the words/text, images, video and audio you have publicly available on your website. This content is used in two ways:
1 - Search engines use the content to determine what your website is about and how it will be ranked.
2 - Potential customers absorb the content and use it to make a decision as to whether they trust your business and ultimately whether they will buy your product/service.

Content is all you have
At the end of the day content is all you have to differentiate your website from all the other sites out there. It is like the food of the internet and search engines are hungry for fresh, quality content.

This is not restricted to certain topics such as news/sport - it is across all industries. Google has recently changed the way it works to try and make sure fresh content is available to people when they search for it. So it is to your advantage to have new content on your website as often as you can.

Bad content = bad website
I also mentioned about the quality of content which is a big issue for most business website. The majority of the content you see out there is written by the owners, for the owners. This means you end up with a large amount of content on their "about us" page which is all about the history of the business and the owners, which is completely irrelevant to search engines and potential customers.

Most customers will NOT take the time to read about the background of your business. They are are interested in the product/service which brought them to the website in the first place. They're looking to see if you can provide the service they want at the price they want.

Write for your customers
To benefit the search engines you need to be writing content relating to your product/service. Such as things people will search for. It is the same when writing for customers.

My advice to business owners is (where possible) to get someone to write the content for you. It might seem like an uneccessary cost but belieive me, if you get someone who knows how to write well then the content they produce will be quality.

If you do write the content, then write it for the customer. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they want to see on your website. What do they want to know about your product/service? Think about what common questions you get asked about your business. Focus on the benefits to the customer of using your business.

Search engines are constantly changing and evolving to try and find websites with the quality content. As search engines get smarter and smarter, websites with low quality content will slowly start to fade away.   

So it is more important than ever to take website content seriously and see it as a tool to building a better website and a better business.
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