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What is website support?

What is website support?

Written by Andrew Larkin

Let's talk about the basics of website support and how it is often undervalued by business owners.

So what is website support?
At a very basic level is having something or someone in place that can look after your business website should something go wrong.

It's not a one person job
It's a very common misconception, especially by business owners, that website support or the creation of a website can just be done by one single person. The skills involved in creating and managing a website are very varied. Creating a brand new website, for example, requires
- website design skills
- graphic design skills
- development skills
- an element of sales/marketing experience
- search engine optimization

When it comes to putting the website live there is also skills required to deal with:
- website hosting
- domain names
- email accounts
- customising servers

This large variety of skills that are required to create a website are the same skills required to manage it on a day to day basis.

If your business website is out there, without any support then it is an accident waiting to happen. Because the same variety of skills required to create the website gives a greater number of areas where something can potentially go wrong.

At a very simple level some content may become out of date, such as contact address or telephone number changes. You need someone who can change content for you.

A more serious example could be your website server being hacked or being struck by a virus, which could take the website down completely. You would require someone to have the right technical skills to make sure your website was backed, and to resurrect your website and put it back online again.

So when these problems do arise and you as a business owner don't have something in place to take care of these problems then it's going to cost you money.

It's something to probably haven't budgeted, it's something that is going to come up in an emergency and one of the questions you got to ask yourself is. Who can you turn to? Who can you trust, to fix the problem for you?

There is always going to be a cost involved and if it's an emergency, then the cost is
going to be at a premium. So my advice to business owners is to get website support in place from the very start. Treat it like you would business insurance. It's like website insurance.

Most companies will offer it to you for a small monthly fee. Either your existing website designer or whoever created your website initially can provide the service. If not, then they can surely recommend someone who can provide that service for you. And for that small monthly fee, you know your website is going to do to looked after.

Peace of mind and money
As a business owners this gives you the peace of mind. If something or when something goes wrong with your
website you've got someone you can turn to who can fix it for you. Ideally someone who knows your business, someone who knows your website and can access your website and solve any issues.

Also, as a business owner, the added benefit is you can then budget for the unexpected. A small monthly fee which you budget for each year, knowing if something goes wrong, it's not gonna cost you money that you haven't already accounted for.
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