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Search engine optimisation (SEO): Where to begin?

Written by Andrew Larkin

The first steps in learning how to optimise your website for search engines and increase visits.

Okay so we now know what Search Engine Optimisation is (if not see previous article) but let's face it you really want to know how to do it, yeah?

Google is very good at giving people lots of useful information on how to help your site get found - but unless you know what some of the terminology you can end up getting even more confused.  Search for "search engine optimization starter guide"

So I will be drafting an SEO Glossary at some point but in this article I will look at the VERY FIRST THING YOU NEED TO DO.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

It is all about the keywords.  These are the words people put into search engines to find something and unless you know what people are looking for you will find it difficult to get them to your site.

Google again likes to help and has a free tool which allows you to see how many people search using different words: (see the Keyword tool under Google's Keyword Toolbox).

From here you can find words relating to your website/business and get some indication of how many people are searching for them.  General rule of thumb is to find words with high volumes of searches but medium to low competition - this way you will stand a better chance of getting to page 1.
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